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As a licensed taxi driver you have access to a career where you can earn a very healthy income. Demand for taxis in Ireland continues to grow so there’s more than enough work for new drivers.


There aren’t many professions out there that offer you the same flexibility as being a taxi driver. As an independent driver you get to be your own boss. You can choose your hours and what days you work. It's all your call!


Choosing a new career isn’t always an easy decision. Thankfully mytaxi will be with you every step of the way. We’ll help you pass your test, get you on the road, and send you more business than you know what to do with.

This opportunity is open to everyone.
All you need to begin the process is a valid driver's licence.

See how much money you could earn in a week.

Ready to become a mytaxi driver

Prepare for your test

The first step to starting your life as a Small Public Service Vehicle (SPSV) driver in Ireland is studying for your SPSV entry test. To help you through this process we’ve built one of the most comprehensive learning platforms around. It’s called mytaxi Manual, it’s got all the resources you need to pass the test, and it’s a free to use service. Learn more here

Book and pass your test

Now that you’re well prepared, it’s time to pass your test. We’ve laid out all the information needed to get yourself booked in. Learn more here

Apply for your SPSV taxi licences

Great work passing your SPSV test! Now it’s time to apply for your SPSV taxi licences. Learn more here

Get yourself in a vehicle and out on the road

Now that you’re a fully licensed SPSV driver, there are a number of ways to get yourself out on the road and completing jobs. We’ve outlined all the vehicle and service options available to you and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Learn more here

Downloading mytaxi

Downloading the mytaxi driver app couldn’t be easier and it’s available on both iOS and Android. To successfully register you’ll need your SPSV Driver & Vehicle Licences, your Dashboard ID, and your IBAN number.

What bonuses are available to me?

To help you hit the ground running we have a number of bonuses on offer when you sign up with mytaxi.

€1,000 Sign-up Bonus

When you sign up to mytaxi you have the opportunity to earn €1,000 in cash bonuses over your first 4 weeks on top of your regular earnings. Learn more here

€200 Referral Bonus

Now that you know what’s involved in becoming a mytaxi driver, you’ll be able to guide your friends through the process too. We’ll even give you a €200 referral bonus for every new driver you refer to to mytaxi. Learn more here

WAV Bonus

Many of our newer drivers sign up to the fleet with a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) and are eligible for the 2017 NTA WAV Grant. We’re even offering our drivers a commission-free rebate on all WAV-specific jobs. Learn more here

mytaxi Manual €1,000 Bonus

The first 500 drivers to pass the SPSV entry test with the aid of mytaxi Manual will have the opportunity to earn an additional €1,000 on top of their sign up bonus. The Manual Bonus has been set aside for new drivers entering to the industry to help with those initial startup costs. Learn more here

mytaxi Manual

A purpose built online training platform designed to help you pass the SPSV entry test.

For more information on mytaxi manual please click here.

For more information on mytaxi manual please click here.

For more information on mytaxi manual please click here.

I think mytaxi Manual is a fantastic addition to anyone considering a career as a professional driver. Its ease of use and transparency make it an ideal study aid.

The platform uses Google Maps and Street View to provide visual context for memorising questions. After a couple of hours using the platform I found myself becoming much more confident.

Sean Kelly

Frequently Asked Questions

You can drive with mytaxi in any county that you are licensed in.

You can drive for as many hours a week as you choose – the more you work the more you earn!

At present, the National Transport Authority (NTA) is only accepting applications for new vehicle licences for wheelchair accessible taxis, wheelchair accessible hackneys, local area hackneys, and limousines.

This means that the NTA is not currently issuing new SPSV vehicle licences for taxis that aren’t wheelchair accessible.

With that said there are a number of exciting alternatives which we have outlined here.

How do I contact you?

11 Mount Street Upper, Dublin 2.
Please note these contact details are for driver queries only. For passenger queries please contact ireland.support@mytaxi.com.